BC Alpine: Member Update

Important Disclaimer

This site will NOT allow you to sign up as a member of the BC Alpine Ski Association. There is only one way to become a member of the BC Alpine Ski Association: and that is by joining a BC Alpine Ski Association sanctioned club.

What this page allows you to access:

Using this page you can access and update your contact information contained in the BC Alpine Ski Association's database as well as agree to the Alpine Canada Alpin "Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement". Additionally you can select if you would like to opt out of our partnered magazine subscriptions to Ski Canada and Ski Racing Canada.

Why you would want to do this:

Updating your contact information with the BC Alpine Ski Association makes sure that the insurance and programs you are paying for are properly attributed to you. Agreeing online to the Alpine Canada Alpin "Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement" means you do not have to fill in the paper versions of the forms. If you don't like receiving our partnered magazines, you can opt out of delivery for next season.

How to start:

It is first important to note that you can only manage accounts which you can access the email that is entered on our registration system which is managed by your ski club. If you enter your email address and no accounts are found, then please contact your club and ask them to update yours and any of your family member's accounts which you want to update to have the proper email address listed.

A log in link for your account will be sent to your email address once you enter it into the box below and hit the SEND LOGIN LINK button. If you have already used this system to get a log in link and have lost your link, you can enter your email address again to get a duplicate link sent to your email again.


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